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Gramophone Record 80g - Karel Gott portrait (black)

Gramophone Record 80g - Karel Gott figure (black)

Gramophone Record 80g - Karel Gott red packaging

Gramophone Record 80g - Karel Gottblue packaging

Gramophone Record 60g - Karel Gott figure (black)

Gramophone Record 60g - Karel Gott portrait (black)

Gramophone Record 60g - Karel Gott red packaging

Gramophone Record 60g - Karel Gott blue packaging

Gramophone Record 60g - ČP Investments

Gramophone Record 60g - Generali Investments

Envelope 70g - Raspberry

Envelope 70g - Kiwi

Envelope 70g - Sour cherry

Envelope 70g - Apricot

Gramophone Record 60g - Mozart

Gramophone Record 60g - Beethoven

Gramophone Record 60g - Verdi

Gramophone Record 60g - Bach

Gramophone Record 60g - Dvořák

Gramophone Record 60g - Chopin

Gramophone Record 80g - Bach 

Gramophone Record 80g - Dvořák

Gramophone Record 80g - Chopin

Gramophone Record 80g - Verdi

Compact Cassette 40g

Banknote 60g - Ernesto Guevara

Envelope 70g - Strawberries

Envelope 70g - Strawberry

Envelope 70g - Oranges

Envelope 70g - Orange

Envelope 70g - Lemons

Envelope 70g - Lemon

Gramophone Record 80g - Mozart

Gramophone Record 80g - Beethoven 

Swiss Franc 60g

Sexy Euro 60g

2.000.000 Euro 60g

Chocolate Library 60g - Dog Rek

Chocolate Library 60g - Chicken NaPipi

Special display on gramophone records

Gramophone Record 80g vol. I - Piano

Gramophone Record 80g vol. II - Guitar

Gramophone Record 80g vol. III - Sax

Gramophone Record 80g vol. IV - Violin

Gramophone Record 80g - Stairway to chocolate heaven

Gramophone Record 80g - Chocolate single play

Chocolates to wine

Chocolates in the box 17g

Envelope 60g - Czech republic

Envelope 60g - Hungary

Spanish peseta 500.000

Spanish peseta 1.000.000

Polish zloty 1.000.000

Polish zloty 5.000.000

Polish zloty 10.000.000

Heart 24g on card

Mobile phone 70g

Violin 200g 

Chocolate numbers

11g - 21g

Envelope 60g - Periodic table of elements

Elephant 150g in cottage 

Owl 200g in cottage 

Owl 50g in cab

Penguin 150g in cottage

Dog 100g in cab 

Nicholaus 60g in cab

Sexy Violin 200g

Schokoladen Nummer 11g -21g

Envelope 60g - Brno

Envelope 60g - Czech Republic

Envelope 60g - China

Envelope 60g - Rome

Envelope 60g - Moscow

Envelope 60g - New York

Max envelope 100g - map

Max envelope 100g - Alfons Mucha

Chocolate Library 60g - Hurvínek, comics - 2 parts

Chocolate Library 60g - Hurvínek

Chocolate Library 60g - Jules Verne

Chocolate Library 60g - Božena Němcová

Cornet with cranberries

Chocolate 450g - Mucha (woman with flowers)

Chocolate 450g - Mucha (woman with ornament)

Chocolate 450g - woman on bicycle

Chocolate 450g - woman in water

Envelope 60g - Prague bigger size

Chocolate Library 60g - Little Prince

Chocolate Library 60g - Playful chocolate

Chocolates in the box 17g

A set of golf balls 45g - Milk + white + dark chocolate + bag

A set of golf balls 45g - milk chocolate + bag

A set of golf balls 45g - milk chocolate + white aluminum

Write a Letter to Santa 60g

New aluminum on Pigs

New colors aluminum horseshoes

Envelopes, banknotes,  letters

Chocolate violin Mozart  200g 

Pralines - Butterfly

Cornet 70g - mix (peanut,  strawberry)

Advent calendar 120g  rounded    

Bellcolade collection 100g   

Transport 100g 

Gift chocolate 125g with a  mix of nuts

Gold bar 30g

Gold bar 250g


Visit us 16. may  – 17. may 2017 on fair PLMA in Amsterdam:


Participation of our company in international fairs PSI and ISM in Germany


Chocolate Fikar, Ltd. As one of the few confectionery companies attend international trade fairs in Germany.



10 -12 January 2017 PSI - International Trade Fair for advertising and promotional goods in Dusseldorf

29 January - 1 February  2017 ISM - International Trade Fair for sweets and candies in Cologne

Participation in these fairs is also planned in 2018.

Attendance at both fairs we consider for great opportunity to present our most popular products and expand influence in international markets. At the same time, we consider this as an opportunity to inspire and familiarization with new production processes and products to our international competitors and improve our own production.

This project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.



Advertising - postal envelope with chocolate - Postman


Advertising - postal envelope with chocolate


    Special display on 18 pcs gramophone records:



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