The best gift is chocolate

Čokoládovny Fikar s.r.o., established in 1998, is a traditional producer of hollow chocolate shapes and other types of chocolate products, especially for advertising purposes.
Our company offers a wide selection of promotional items made of chocolate and tailored to meet your needs. We produce, for example, Christmas, Easter, or Valentine´s Day themed chocolates and figures etc. We have many references from our clients and export to all European countries.

Our e-shop was set up towards the end of 2008 in response to customers´ requirements. You can find a diverse offer of chocolate gifts, e.g. notebooks with chocolate keyboard, chocolate mobile phones, CDs, hearts, chocolate messages, Advent calendars, chocolate figures shaped as drills, screws, football shoes, or many erotic motifs.

We process orders quickly and precisely to your requirements. We use Belgian and German milk chocolate of the highest quality.
The list of our satisfied clients includes many advertising companies, multinational retail chains, independent wholesalers, as well as innumerable end customers.

Our company motto is „We can make anything from chocolate“. We put emphasis on constant innovation and we introduce new ideas and concepts every year.


The Chocohotel is an unique design hotel thanks to his chocolate-inspired interiors.

Karel Gott

Enjoy chocolate in the design of master Karel Gott.


We are always preparing new products for you, see the news from our offer.

Participation of our company in international fairs PSI and ISM in Germany

07. 05. 2017

Chocolate Fikar, Ltd. As one of the few confectionery companies attend international trade fairs in Germany.

10 -12 January 2017 PSI - International Trade Fair for advertising and promotional goods in Dusseldorf
29 January - 1 February 2017 ISM - International Trade Fair for sweets and candies in Cologne

Participation in these fairs is also planned in 2018.

Attendance at both fairs we consider for great opportunity to present our most popular products and expand influence in international markets. At the same time, we consider this as an opportunity to inspire and familiarization with new production processes and products to our international competitors and improve our own production.
This project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Účast naší společnosti na mezinárodních veletrzích PSI a ISM v NěmeckuÚčast naší společnosti na mezinárodních veletrzích PSI a ISM v NěmeckuÚčast naší společnosti na mezinárodních veletrzích PSI a ISM v Německu